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Quality and value of our activities define our success. More than 30 years of professional experience and our specific knowledge of market requirements enable us to deliver what our customers are entitled to expect: Quality 

An effective system of quality control in all fields of activities provides the platform for a continuously improved performance.



Our employees combine their professional experience with the readiness to learn. We support their skills with regular training programs to ensure optimum qualification.

As we attach particular importance to the skills of our employees we support this through intensive training in technical matters and in the area of safety, health and environmental awareness. Our HSE management has been certified according to SCC rules.

Communication and co-operation, both vertical and horizontal, are the key to successfull teams in all departments. Openness for suggestions on improvements is an indispensable component for the motivation of our employees to be part of our quality system.

Our company's focus is on customer satisfaction. We are convinced, that a permanent dialogue with our clients must be integral part of our work to achieve optimum results. Long term success is what we strive for and what raises our motivation to continue in providing maximum quality.

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