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To ensure a long-term supply of energy, there is a considerable need to expand existing power plants and plan new ones. The estimated replacement and expansion requirements are approximately 400 to 500 GW.

As a result of the debate on climate change and the increasing scarcity of previous energy sources, new technologies are being developed in order to make power plants more efficient. In this respect, technological development for the expansion of renewable energies is also becoming increasingly important.

Competence in design for conventionel and nuclear power plants.



Our technical competence in power plant design is based on the extensive experience of our employees. For the power generation sector, a special department was set up back in the 1970s for the purpose of carrying out piping design and static/dynamic system calculations for nuclear power and fossil power plants.

Some of our employees who planned components for the first generation of nuclear power plants are now applying their valuable experience to expansion & revision projects.
 We focus on:

Project engineering

Plant design

Component processing

Piping design

Pipe system calculation

Supervision of plant construction

Start-up of systems

 References:            conventional & nuclear power plants

client location avtivities
ALSTOM Power Generation Mannheim turbine part design, sewage sludge combustion
ALSTOM Power Nürmberg, Stuttgart, Butzbach power plant design, flue gas dedusting
AREVA / Framatome Offenbach, Erlangen piping design & calculations
BABCOCK Borsig Power Osterrode, Oberhausen power plant design boiler house, Denox
BBP Service Steinmüller Gummersbach power plant design
BEWAG Berlin power plant design, flue gas desulfurization
BHR Essener Hochdruck Frankfurt power plant design & revisions
DAVY Power Frankfurt KW-Buschhaus plant model & design
HITACHI Power Oberhausen general arrangement plans for REA
Kraftanlagen Heidelberg, München power plant design & revisions
Kremsmüller / Siemens Linz / Wien detail engineering of piping systems for KW Timelkam
LAHMEYER International Bad Vilbel leading & power plant technology
LURGI Frankfurt power plant design: electro filter, flue gas purification, flue gas blower house & -channels
LURGI Lentjes Düsseldorf Power-TWS-plant design, project engineering & plant start-up service
Mannesmann Seiffert Berlin power plant design
Siemens AG Offenbach, Erlangen power plant design, project engineering & processing
Conventional power plants:         projects
projects for plant location
KW Reuter Berlin, Germany
KW West Berlin, Germany
KW Lichterfelde Berlin, Germany
KW Moabit Berlin, Germany
KW Ruhleben Berlin, Germany
KW Niederrad Frankfurt am Main, Germany
KW Mitte Frankfurt am Main, Germany
KW Nordweststadt Frankfurt am Main, Germany
KW Großkraftwerk Mannheim, Germany
KW Römerbrücke Saarbrücken, Germany
KW Timelkam Austria
KW Moerdijk Netherlands
IHKW Industrie HKW Andernach, Germany
KW Suez Egypt
KW Buschhuas Helmstedt, Germany
KW Peterhead Scotland

Nuclear power plants:                    projects

KKW Biblis KKW Mülheim-Kärlich
KKW Brokdorf KKW Neckarwestheim
KKW Brunsbüttel KKW Obrigheim
KKW Emsland KKW Philippsburg
KKW Grafenrheinfeld KKW Würgassen
KKW Grohnde WAA Wackersdorf
KKW Gundremmingen THTR Schmähungen
KKW Isar KKW Gösgen, Schweiz
KKW Kahl KKW Ringhals, Schweden
KKW Krümmel KKW Olkiluoto 3, Finnland
KKW Lingen  
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