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Our valuesCode of Conduct

With this code we define our business principles. The guidelines contain the rules for the conduct of our employees within our company and in relation to our external partners - concerning responsibility towards men and evironment.
   1. Compliance with the law

Basic principle for our work is compliance with the legal standards of the applicable local and international law.

   2. Personal Rights

Personal dignity and personal rights of each employee are always respected. Equal treatment and equal opportunities for every employee are the basis for cooperation - regardless of color, race, nationality, social origin, any disability, sexual orientation, political or religious conviction, as well as sex or age. Our behaviour in the company and to our external partners is based on mutual respect, honesty and integrity. We take our social responsibility seriously and encourage a trusting cooperation.

   3. Health and Safety

We take responsibility for the safety and health of our employees by ensuring a safe working environment and make the best possible precautions against risks and accidents. Regular trainings of our employees are organized according to management process description 3.2.3.

   4. Handling of Information

All employees ensure that the records they prepare are complete and correct and will be kept confidential. Every internal information about customers, suppliers, employees or other third parties require secrecy. Details of organisation and equipment of the company as well as pricing, sales and markets are among the most confidential informations.

   5. Environment

We respect legal and international standards for the protection of environment. This means to minimize pollution and to continuously improve environment. We ensure this by regular trainings in this field according to our management system.